I have been a customer of Dynamic Office National for over 5 years for 2 separate companies that I have worked for. Their prices are very competitive, the service is fantastic and nothing is ever too difficult. I haven't had any issues at all with Dynamic Office National in the 5 years I have dealt with them and I really enjoy my chats with anyone I come in contact with from the team. It is great to see that the same people are still with the company from when I first signed with Dynamic Office National from my previous role with Philips and now that I am with Nubian Water Systems, I look forward to our continued relationship. Thank you to the whole team for making it so easy to do business with Dynamic Office National.
A. Banovic
Nubian Water Systems
NSW, Nov 2011.
Dynamic Office National is growing to become a one stop shop. What truly differs them from any other stationery company is their level of service. They care about the customers. They listen to their customers and they ALWAYS deliver 100%. The personal relationship with the staff makes a huge difference by allowing me to run the office smoothly. The same day delivery service has gone in my favour many times. Not only that, if an item is delayed, I receive a phone call to check if it is urgent, they advise the time frame and they will offer an alternative item. Krunal is so reliable and prompt. He assists me with the special orders and his customer service is consistent no matter the small or large cost of the item. The customer service does not end there - my regular delivery drivers Ron and Ken are fantastic! They walk in my office with a smile on their face, politely greet me and have the courtesy to ask what area I would like the order to be dropped off. Unlike any other delivery drivers, Ron and Ken are friendly! All these little points make a huge difference. Thank you Dynamic Office National for putting customers first.
E. Ek
ACN Pacific
NSW, Nov 2011.