Dynamic Office National is able to provide reporting of purchases. The options are endless and some examples are;
  • Summary report by Period - listing the product only once with the quantity supplied.
  • Detailed report by Period - listing the date, product and quantity supplied.
  • Reports can be broken up by Department/Cost Centre/Site

To request a report please email 

Invoices & Statement Layouts

Invoices - There are vaious options available;
  • Invoice to be sent with goods at time of delivery
  • Unpriced Delivery Docket sent with goods and Invoice emailed to a delegated staff member
  • One Invoice per Order Number - unpriced delivery docket to be sent with delivery and when order is complete an invoice will be generated and emailed to a delegated staff member - view example here.
  • One Invoice per Month - unpriced dockets will be sent with each delivery and at the end of each month, you will be issued only one invoice which will be sent with the monthly statement.
Statements - Statements are mailed out at the end of each month and can be emailed upon request to;
  • Statement for one site
  • Statement for multiple sites can be broken up into Cost Centre/Site/Department, depending how you operate your account with us - view example here.

Sub Users 

If you have;
  • More than one Site/Office
  • Order by Cost Centre/Department

we can set up a Sub User account on the web to break up the expenditure for your Offices/Cost Centres or Departments. To have this set up or for more information please contact

Admin Users

If you are using the Sub User function, an Admin User will be created on the web. This is where you can view the individual expenditure for all Office/Cost Centres or Department.

Orders to be approved

No more copying, pasting, printing, emailing your orders internally for approval. We can set this up for you so an authorised staff member will be automatically notified when an order has been placed. They simply then need to log-in to approve or reject orders. It's that simple! For further information or for this function to be switched on, please contact